• The Lost Waiting room D 2018
  • The Lost Waiting room D 2018

The Lost Waiting room D 2018

Edmund Sumner

The Lost Waiting room Peckham South London. This images depicts Peckham Rye stations ‘lost waiting room’, an anomaly of station Design where the lack of accurate passenger number predictions led to two waiting rooms being built where one would have been suffice After initial lack of use it was converted into a billiard hall then in mid 1960s was bricked up and largely forgotten about until a community initiative led to the space being opened up again in 2017

Visually it’s a continuation of a theme that’s at the very heart of many projects I undertake, that of the Psychogeography of a spaceThe idea that a space can leave visual clues to the previous atmosphere of the space , shedding light on previous inhabitants, previous incarnations. Id have loved to have visited this place when it was a billiard hall in the 1920s’ 

printed on Giclée Hahnemühle German Etching

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